Welcome to Party of Mine

Welcome to Party of Mine! Party of Mine is a party and event planning service specializing in kid’s birthday parties and casual events for kids at heart. We are located in the majestic Mill Valley, CA.

From Pinterest to Party – with a Punch

Perhaps you’re the craftiest mom on the block with mad skills to create a spectacular pin-worthy party, except your days are filled with chasing kids, volunteering, or work. There never seems to be any time to DIY a piñata, research party venues, or bake a cake or cupcakes from scratch.

Or maybe you’re a mom who seems to be missing that craft gene. You look at Pinterest like most of us look at size 2 skinny jeans, and think, NO WAY. You know if you go it alone, you are going to end up as a Pinterest fail.

And that is where Party of Mine comes in. I will put the party together for you –invitations, decorations, food & beverage, party favors, venues, and entertainment – based on an initial consultation about your needs. Check out my Services. Once you decide if you want collaborative party brainstorming, all the party necessities delivered to you in a box, or if you need invitation to party favors event planning – just give me a shout.