Welcome to Party of Mine

Somewhere in our teens, we stop having birthday parties every year. Instead, we choose to have a few friends over to celebrate, trade in a party for that one really nice gift, or go on a trip with the family. Then, we go off to college and parties take on a different shape – it’s less about festivity and decoration and more about keg stands and hangovers. As we become adults, parties evolve into elegant events involving cocktails, wine and a cheese platter.

So, somewhere between my last birthday party and having kids of my own, I forgot how much fun kid’s parties can be. When our first son turned one, we had a big party. Admittedly, it was more for us than it was for him. And  every year after that, we have gone all out. And then our daughter came along, and we soon followed suit in celebrating her birthdays.

My husband and I are a bit crazy. We use parties to mark the deadline for a home improvement project. It motivates us – we it might stress out any sane person. Usually he is spending the last seconds cleaning up construction debris, and I am buzzing around making cupcakes and Pinterest worthy party decorations. We always say – “never again” – but secretly we love it.

I recently attended a workshop on setting goals and moving toward the kind of life you love. I realize that I love my daytime job because I get to be pragmatic and organized, but I was really craving something creative in my life.

And then it hit me, like a cannon of confetti – I need to combine my love of parties, my creativity, and love of helping others. This came partly out of my friends, Tina and Megan, egging me on and partly because I realized that I needed to do this for me.

So I am hoping this blog can serve as a source of inspiration and practical application to hosting parties. I hope it provides you with the a-ha to plan a great celebration and determine how much DIY you can handle or how much professional assistance you might need to pull it all off.

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