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Easter Gift Basket Ideas for Kids Ages 0-8

While Peeps, jellybeans, Cadbury Eggs and the large chocolate Easter Bunny are mainstays in Easter baskets, I prefer to put together a basket with more non-food items. I also love the idea of themed Easter baskets. My daughter is in love with all things arts & crafts, so her basket is going to be chocked full of crayons, coloring books, paints and small craft supplies. My son is on a giant Lego kick, so I want to get him some small sets to fill out his basket.

Here are some great ideas for Easter baskets, for kids of all ages – You can take this inspiration and customize it to reflect your child’s unique tastes.

NEWBORNS & BABIES (ages 0-2)

Easter Basket Ideas for Babies
Easter Basket Ideas for Babies
  1. Teether – Whether you pick the Sugarbooger Silicone Baby Teether in Hedgehog (Amazon, $15.24) or Matryoshka Doll (Amazon, $10.58), these teethers are sure to be a hit with those who have not quite gotten their bunny teeth.
  2. Plush Bunny – Plush bunnies  Aurora BITTY Rabbit Bunny (Amazon, $7.33) or  Jellycat Bashful Cream Bunny (Amazon, $22.50) are a traditional, cuddly and cute item for any kid’s Easter basket.
  3. Stacking Cups – Green Toys Stacking Cups (Amazon, $9.21), with their eco-friendly materials and adorable pastel colors, will bring joy to playtime or bath time.
  4. Egg Shakers – This 5 Piece Colorful Wooden Egg Music Shaker Instrument Set (Amazon, $9.55) will be pure inspiration for your little musician.
  5. Divided Dinner Plates – A Sugarbooger Divided Suction Plate – whether you go with the Farm (Amazon, $12.68) or Ladybug (Amazon, $10.72) design – makes a cute and practical spring gift.
  6. Wooden Toys – This Fish Castanet (Stubby Pencil Studio, $4.99) makes a delightful gender neutral, wooden gift in any baby’s Easter basket.
  7. O-Ball – The O-Ball Rainstick Rattle (Amazon, $7.99) or more classic Multi-Color O-Ball (Amazon, $8.14) will bring out some rousing pass-the-ball games and also help babies with hand-eye coordination.
  8. Board Books – We wore out our first copy of Wheels on the Bus (Amazon, $4.28) and I had to replace it with a new one. But there are a ton of classical books or even Easter-themed choices to pop into the basket for bedtime after a full day of Easter celebrations.
  9. Learners Cup – The Nuk Learners Cup (Amazon, $12.99) in Cars or Hot Air Balloons make a cute and refreshing gift. Easy to wash and easy to grip, these cups are a great way to transition from bottle to real cups.
  10. Eggs – Skip hard-boiled or plastic eggs for this age group and check out the Bright Starts Giggling Gourmet Put ‘n Shake Eggs (Amazon,  $12.95) for an Easter-themed gift with long-term play potential.


Easter Basket Ideas for Preschoolers
Easter Basket Ideas for Preschoolers
  1. Buttons – A giant bag of assorted basic buttons (Amazon, $6.85) is a treasure to preschoolers. Not only can they spend hours in awe of the colors and shapes, they can sort them or use them for arts and crafts. This item will need adult supervision since they are easily swallowed.
  2. Beeswax Crayons – This Beeswax Crayons Sampler (Stubby Pencil Studio, $5) is a more environmentally friendly version of the typical crayon. I love the chubby design which makes it easier for little hands to grip and draw.
  3. Colored Pencils – The Rainbow Pencil in Natural Cedar (Stubby Pencil Studio, $1.95)  is a super affordable and unique art supply any preschooler will be delighted to use.
  4. Water Bottles – The CamelBak Eddy Kid’s Water Bottle (Amazon, $13) is an all-star. I find you can never have too many of these – one in the school backpack, one in the car, several in the kitchen – they are easy to clean, easy to order replacement parts, and have a wide selection of custom designs. My current favorites are the Unicorns, DJ SkunkAtomic Robots, and Gators designs.
  5. Necklace Craft Kits – This Melissa & Dog Decorate-Your-Own Wooden Flower Bead Jewelry-Making Craft Kit (Amazon, $4.99)will allows your little princess to craft her very own flower necklace – improving her accessories collection and hand-eye coordination.
  6. Tops & Spinners – Another small gift that can provide hours of fun and enjoyment are spinners and tops. I love these Cosmic Spinners (Stubby Pencil Studio, $3.99) because they are wooden with unique designs, and easy for little hands to grip and spin.
  7. Sculpey ClayPolyform Sculpey III Clay Mold, Brights (Amazon, $8.65) has been super popular with everyone in our house. You can create your own sculpture and then bake them in the oven to harden.
  8. Crayola Twistables – A 24 pack of Crayola Twistables Fun Effect Crayons (Amazon, $6.99) are great because the sturdy plastic barrels resist breaking and crayons never need to be sharpened.
  9. Sidewalk Chalk – Check out the 6-pack of Easter egg Sidewalk Chalk (Amazon, $7.58)  or the 5-pack of Cra-Z-Art Fat Sidewalk Chalk (Amazon, $5.65)
  10. Zoobs – A small ZOOB Tube 20-Piece Modeling System in Neon Brights (Amazon, $11.57) will fit nicely into an Easter basket and be a perfect item for the road trip to Grandma’s house.

SCHOOL AGE (ages 5 to 8)

Easter Basket Ideas for School Age Kids
Easter Basket Ideas for School Age Kids
  1. Erasers – I love these unique unicorn and shark erasers (Stubby Pencil Studio, $1) – and they have a ton of other fun shapes as well. Or check out the Iwako Japanese Bento Lunch Eraser Set (Amazon, $5.49) which is absolutely adorable.
  2. Classic Reader Books – A classic book set will keep this crowd busy for hours. I love The Ramona Collection, Vol. 1 (Amazon, $9.99) or The Henry and Ribsy Box Set (Amazon, $10.63).
  3. Spirograph – This Spirograph Design Tin Set (Amazon, $9.93) is a perfect starter or travel set for the Spirograph enthusiast.
  4. Shrinky Dinks – A Shrinky Dinks Bake and Shape 3D Jewelry Set (Amazon, $9.29) or the Shrinky Dinks Minis Robots (Amazon, $5.95) make for perfect Easter basket items offering endless hours of fun.
  5. Legos – I love Lego’s seasonal items, and I am willing to spend a bit more for these sets. This Easter Egg Hunt (Amazon, $16.70) is no exception.  This set features 2 minifigures in search of hidden Easter eggs, as well as a henhouse, flower garden, mailbox and a vegetable garden, alll with fun hiding places.
  6. Mad Libs – Mad Libs are a great Easter basket item. Not only to they help develop language arts skills, they simply make everyone laugh hysterically. This Have a Silly Easter! Mad Libs Junior (Amazon, $7.50) is perfect for school aged kids.
  7. Rubix Cube – This original Rubix Cube Game (Amazon, $7.80) is a colorful addition to any Easter basket. Kids will spend hours trying to solve the problem and parents will love this trip down memory lane.
  8. Ed Emberley Drawing Books – The Drawing Book of Animals (Amazon, $5.12) or Picture Pie (Amazon, $4.99) are perfect for artistic kids who have moved beyond coloring books.  Ed Emberley shows would-be artists how to draw a variety of patterns, animals, people, and more!
  9. Books – Books are always a great idea. I am eying this 50 Science Things to Make & Do 50 Science Things to Make and Do (Stubby Pencil Studio, $9.99) as a fun book filled with ways to explore the world of science. Activities include a foaming monster, making salt and candy crystals, balloon rockets and testing acids and alkalis with homemade litmus paper.
  10. Blank Books – These colorful blank books (Stubby Pencil Studio, $4.50) are adorable and the small size is just right for kids to draw, write, stamp, collect stickers… the ideas are endless.

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