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Party Basics

Get the Party Started: Party Guide & Checklists

Work the Plan

Party planning can be an incredibly daunting task – starting any project can make you feel like hiding under the covers for a few days until it all blows over. But, my twenty years of project management experience has taught me, nothing is too scary when you have a plan.

Work the plan – or the plan will work you!

So, to make party planning easier for everyone, I have created a few printable to make your party one for the ages.

Plan the Perfect Party – Without Missing a Detail

Start with the Party Planner Guide to organize all the details of your party in one place. This guide covers rental equipment needs, food prep, grocery shopping, decorating, party activity planning and more.

Party of Mine | Party Planning Guide
Organize all the details for your party with Party of Mine’s Party Planning Guide.

Don’t Forget the Ice

Use the Party Supplies Checklist as you put the party together to make sure you have matches for the birthday candles and a blank memory card for the camera. It covers everything from furniture, table decorations, paper goods, party activities, as well as party setup and cleaning.

Party of Mine | Party Supplies Checklist
Party of Mine offers a complete list of party supplies to keep your organized and sane leading up to the big day.

Get It All Done with Time to Freshen Up Before the Party

And to manage the party planning in a sane and reasonable timeline, download the Party at Home Checklist, which gives you a week-by-week checklist of party planning tasks. It starts 6 weeks out from the event and details everything you have to do from picking a theme to sending thank you notes.

Party of Mine | Party at Home Checklist
Don’t miss a single detail when you are hosting a party at your house with Party of Mine’s downloadable checklist.

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