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Party Hack: Wilton Dessert Decorator Plus

I am perplexed that most bakeries in the Bay Area can charge upward of $3.50 per cupcake. When you start multiplying that times the number of party guests, it can add up fast. But, there is also the mom guilt – I want my kid to have cupcakes that look like they came from the bakery, not homemade by mom. Well, I promise you if you get the Wilton Dessert Decorator Plus and spruce up your store-bought mix by adding 1-2 extra eggs, replacing the oil with double the amount of melted butter, and replacing the water with milk, no one will know those cupcakes are homemade.


In summary, the Wilton Dessert Decorator is amazing! You can now say good-bye to messy pastry bags and tips, or paying for over-priced cupcakes. At under $10 on, this is such a bargain! I also love that you can use it not only for desserts, but for deviled eggs as well. The Decorator not only decorates the tops of cupcakes, but also has an injector tip so you can inject filling inside cupcakes.


After testing it out on a batch of #wiltoncakes chocolate cupcakes, my five-year-old son said, “Wow! Those look like the cupcakes from the bakery.” And he was right. I am not a particular excellent cupcake decorator and most of the time my creative culinary efforts turn into Pinterest-fails. It is incredible to find an affordable tool that makes it so easy.

“Wow! Those look like the cupcakes from the bakery.”


The Decorator is BPA-free and so easy to use and clean-up. The directions were simple and assembly took about a minute. With the variety of included tips, you can create ribbons, leaves, roses and so much more. The plunger really pushes the frosting down the tub, making for no waste and easy clean-up.


A few tips: You might find you need more than one can of frosting to frost a batch of cupcakes, as the Decorator will create fluffier frosting creations than using a knife. I would also recommend putting the frosting in the Decorator tube when it is room temp /slightly liquefied, and then refrigerate it while the cake bakes to get to right frosting consistency. This makes it easier to get in the tube. I also found a very narrow rubber spatula worked fine as well.

I love this product and I will be using it exclusively for cakes, cupcakes and deviled eggs from now on.

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