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Hosting a Rockin’ Kid’s Dance Party

Yesterday, I had the privilege of attending a birthday party that I did not plan. The parents created an amazing dance party for kids and parents. I wanted to share with you the five things they did that made this a rocking’ party.

5 Tips for Hosting the Perfect Kid's Dance Party
5 Tips for Hosting the Perfect Kid’s Dance Party


  1. Parents and Kids in Mind – This party really took into account that most kindergarteners aren’t ready for a drop-off party yet. The hosts made the parents feel welcome by having enough food, birthday cake, adult beverages, and parent mingling areas separate from rowdy kid play. And the kids, they had a blast dancing and running the yard. There was no entertainer, bounce house, or other party tricks – making this a classic and fun party without tacking on an extra $300.
  2. Ample Food and Beverage – Did I mention the beer for the parents? And I always give extra points for parties with something more than cheese pizza. This party had it all – lots of pizza (not just cheese) and tons of other snacks. And what better way to keep the kids ample for dancing and playing than an open candy bar.
  3. Lots of Activities – Who needs to rent a venue when you have a yard, playroom, playhouse, trampoline and more? The parents really leveraged their open floor plan house and nice yard to have lots of activities for the kids.
  4. Funky, Fresh Flair – Daddy DJ was rocking the amazing tunes on this laptop, topping everything off with a rainbow headband and shades. They had out a slew of 80s throwback neon gear for the kids (and parents) to don while dancing to current and 80s dance tunes. And really setting the mood was a ceiling-mounted disco ball Amazon ($30). And Oriental Trading has a whole section dedicated to cheap and easy party supplies.
  5. Good Tunes – Daddy DJ gets multiple points for playing songs for dancing. I hate dancing in public, but I got on the floor for Thriller, showing the kids how to zombie dance. Check out my Party Playlist Pinterest board for some ready-made playlists to inspire your own dance party. I also love Pandora’s 80s Party and Tween stations for ready made party tracks.

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