I am Holly Brousseau, the founder of Party of Mine. I live in Mil Valley, California, and I am the mom to two precocious kids and wife to a brilliant and patient husband. I have 6 years experience in planning kids parties and over 20 years creative / project management experience in digital marketing. I want to plan parties that are fun, reflective of the guest of honor, as well as being well-conceived and well-planned. I love creating parties because it allows me to use my right-brain creative side and my left-brain organizer side.

My friend Tina says to tell you that I am from Texas and know how to do things with hospitality and style. I will accept this compliment. My momma was big on celebrating birthdays, holidays, and the everyday. And she always insisted on thank you notes and proper manners.

As a mom, I understand how important birthdays are for your family. It’s my job to make the tall task of putting together a party a fun and enjoyable experience. So, if it’s time to get the party started, give me a shout.